Underground Storage Tank Program
Underground Storage Tank Program (USTs)

When you pump fuel in your vehicle at the gas station, do you ever think about where the fuel is coming from? Do you wonder how safe it is to store chemicals, including gas, underground?

The Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program was launched to minimize and prevent environmental damage, by requiring owners and operators of UST systems to install, verify functionality of, and maintain leak detecting equipment on their UST systems.

The purpose of the UST program is to protect public health and safety, the environment, and the waters of the state, which you use for drinking, recreational purposes, crop irrigation, and more, from discharges and releases of hazardous substances from USTs.

A UST is a tank or combination of tanks and piping, located beneath the surface of the ground, that stores hazardous chemicals.

This program is implemented by your local CUPA, who performs over 13,000 UST inspections annually to ensure compliance with local, State, and federal requirements, regulations, and laws.

The construction, monitoring, repair, and closure of underground storage tanks is overseen by CUPA inspectors and specialists. The UST program supports the CUPA with training, collaboration, and a forum to present issues and concerns.

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