California Fire Code HAZMAT Program
California Fire Code Hazmat

Two sections of the California Fire Code (CFC) are included in the Unified Program. These are the Sections dealing with Hazardous Materials Management Plans and Hazardous Materials Inventory Statements, which are the equivalent of Hazardous Materials Business Plans.

State law recognizes the need to ensure that first responders have the information they need to safety respond to emergencies as well as the need to make providing this information as streamlined as possible.

Local fire agencies can require information in addition to the state requirements for HMBPs be included in HMPB submittals.

Local fire agencies can require submission of a HMBP when the quantities present do no exceed the state HMPB thresholds but do exceed CFC permit thresholds, some of which are lower than the state levels.

OSFM - Office of the State Fire Marshal
CFC - California Fire Code