About the CUPA Forum

The CUPA Forum is a statewide association of CUPAs and Participating Agenicies that implement the Unified Program. The organization works to update and continuously improve the Unified Program for the agencies, businesses and communities we serve. The CUPA Forum provides a single, strong, consistent voice statewide. The CUPA Forum is organized into four regions. The CUPA Forum works cooperatively with the State agencies. CalEPA and its Boards, Departments, and Offices (BDOs) participate in regional meetings and Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs). The CUPA Forum Board, CalEPA and the BDOs comprise the Unified Program Administration and Advisory Group (UPAAG), a management level group that works on policy level issues and long-range planning.

Cal-CUPA Forum objectives include:
  a.  To work with all parties, both internal and external, to develop guidance, regulations, and policies regarding CUPA administration.

  b.  To establish positions on statewide issues affecting CUPAs and provide a unified CUPA response to such issues.

  c.  To coordinate information exchange between CUPAs and the State on statewide issues.

  d.  To assist in making training available to CUPAs.